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Who Should Be Trained in Fuel Management & Spill Response?

  • Anyone involved in the storage, handling and transportation of dangerous goods, including TDG Class 3 Flammable Liquids.

  • Anyone involved in responding to a spill of dangerous goods, including TDG Class 3 Flammable Liquids.

  • Anyone involved in auditing, assessing, inspecting a storage & handling facility, a motorized vehicle used to transport dangerous goods, including Class 3 Flammable Liquids.

  • Anyone involved in assessing or inspecting a spill.

The Fuel Management Training and Spill Response Training courses were developed to complement each other. Spill prevention relies on good fuel management and spill response relies on good preparedness.

The industrial, commercial, government organizations and private business sectors that NWR has worked with to implement both Fuel Management and Spill Response include:



  • Mining Exploration

  • Mines under Construction & Active Mines

  • Ministry of Mines


  • Forestry Contractors

  • Sawmills and Woodlands

  • Ministry of Forests & BC Timber Sales

Oil & Gas

  • Prime Contractors for Pipeline Construction

  • Prime Contractors for Construction of Plants and Infrastructure

  • BC Oil & Gas Commission

Fuel Supply Companies & Mobile Mechanic Shops

  • Bulk Storage and Transport Companies

  • Marine Fuel Storage & Dispensing Facilities

  • Mobile Mechanics & Independent Contractors

Environmental Consultants

  • Environmental Companies involved in Spill Response and Contaminated Sites

  • Environmental Monitors & Auditors

Fire Departments

  • Municipal and Rural Fire Departments


  • Road & Bridge Construction & Paving

  • Environmental Engineering Companies at Remote Projects


  • Regional Airports

  • Private Airport Facilities

Helicopter Facilities

  • Private Helicopter Facilities

  • Remote Fuel Storage Caches

Ski Hill Facilities

  • Canada West Ski Areas Association

  • Private Skill Hill Facilities

  • Heli-Skiing Facilities

Golf Courses

  • BC Golf Superintendents Association

  • Private Golf Courses

Government Agencies

  • Ministry of Mines

  • Ministry of Environment

  • Ministry of Forests

  • Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Department of Fisheries & Oceans

  • Environment Canada

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